3d Modeling in 3ds max Creating compound objects

That’s a little bit of a special operand. You would usually choose the largest object. And then go into the create panel, and in the categories choose compound objects, and if a valid object is selected you can click Boolean, and it’s created. You can directly go to the create panel and start adding more operands, but I advise that you jump over to the modify panel right away. I’m gonna expand the command panel here. Get us a little bit more on the screen. And to add operands just click the add operands button and let’s add these four blue cutter cylinders here. Just click on each one of those in succession. Once they’ve been added we can change their operation type up here. The default is union, which will combine the objects and remove any interior geometry, creating a watertight, or sealed mesh. We could also subtract. Click on subtract and we’ve just subtracted that one object, but we could select these others as well. Hold down the Shift key and select, and then click subtract. And that’s fine, pretty cool. Let’s use the Shift key to select all of these cutter cylinder objects and try out some of these other options up here. Merge will combine all the parts and create new edges at the joints, but it doesn’t delete any of the interior faces. And you can see the difference if I switch between union and merge. It’s especially evident here in the top view what’s going on. Okay, so merge is really just creating new edges. :

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