3ds Max 2021 Rendering Switching renderers : scene converter

3ds Max Rendering Switching renderers with a scene converter


They are all Arch & Design or Standard Materials. All right, we’ll run our Scene Converter. In the Rendering menu, Scene Converter. Now, there’s a bunch of stuff in here for creating presets and so on. We’re not going to get into that, because all that we can really do here is convert something into ART. We can’t effectively go the other direction. So, you’re really converting from Mental Ray or V-Ray into ART. The description up here reads Convert to ART Compatible Features, and it’s referencing a Max Script file that’s in the current user’s home directory. We’re just gonna click on Convert to Scene down here. It’s quite simple. It doesn’t take very long. You’ll see a conversion progress down here. Conversion is complete. I can close the dialogue, check in on our Slate Material Editor, and we’ll see here now that everything is listed as a Physical Material.

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