3ds Max Animation Introducing keys-only too

The shifted function of relax is align. Hold down Shift and click and it will force all of those keys into a linear transition between the first and last selected keys. Undo that. Then finally we come to loop. For the loop function you have to select some key. It doesn’t matter which one, but if no key is selected then all of this toolbars will be greyed out. With any key selected, click on loop and what it does is create a new keyframe at the end of the current timeline and assigns it to have the value of the first keyframe in the timeline. Watch closely, when you do it you might get tangents or keyframe values changing and if that happens then you might want to adjust it, but in my case it seems like it came out right the first time. I’ll undo with Control + Z and then finally we have the shifted function of loop. Hold down Shift and click and all that does is adjust the last keyframe value to assume the value of the first keyframe. I’ll do that. Okay, those are all of the new tools on the keys only tools toolbar.

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