3ds Max Animation Skin Voxel and Heat Map solvers

And that’s using heat map. We’ll go back to selecting the body, and back in its Modify panel. We can scroll down once again to the weight solver and choose Heatmap. And once again, click the ellipses, or browse button, open up the dialogue, and we have the same controls, just fewer of them. We’ll set the Falloff to 0.8. Number of Max Influences to 3. And click Apply. This uses a different algorithm that’s surface-based, where as the voxel one is volume-based, of course. And this one’s faster, it’s completed. You can hit close. Once we’ve applied the heatmap skin weighting, then we can de-select the character body and then select one of those bones once again and test it. Hit the E key and rotate. And we can see that the heatmap is actually the best in this case. We’re getting no influence on that other leg. Very cool, so that is a simple overview of the options that we have for applying initial skin weights using voxel and heat map solvers. That’s the end of our chapter on modeling and animation

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