3ds Max Materials and Mapping Editing UVs with Unwrap UVW brushes : sharefile 3dmaxfarsi

I can sculpt a larger area. Now, notice that the Brush Tools are view dependent. I have a very large Falloff here. And as I zoom out, the Brush Size is staying constant. So I wanna have a little bit smaller Brush Size than that. Hold down Ctrl once again. Bring that down to in the realm of like 150 or something like that. And that’s now taking up the right size in my panel. And I can then zoom in and out with the mouse wheel to take in different areas of the object in UV space. So, that Brush, once again, is going to be constant in screen space. And if you dolly forward and back, or zoom forward and back, you will affect larger or smaller areas of the UVs. All right, I’ll go over to the main interface and zoom out there too with the wheel. And then do some Relax operation here. So what it’s done, again, is try to equalize the UVs to match the polygon size. And we can see the before and after picture by using Undo. So, that’s before the Relax. And then after the Relax. Again, it works pretty much just like the standard Relax Tool, except of course it’s interactive. And those are the new brush based tools in the Unwrap UVW Modifier. sharefile 3dmaxfarsi

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