3ds Max Materials and Mapping Vector textures with ShapeMap

All right, very cool, now we’ve got our vector art applied onto the flag, and once again it is resolution independent, we can zoom in very, very close on Mr. Beaver here, and do a quick rendering, and see how good that looks. Of course, we can edit our original curves as well. So it’s all live, we can go, select that object, go into the Modify panel, and select by Spline, drag a rectangle around all of the beaver splines there, grab the scale tool, and then make sure we’re scaling around the selection center, not the pivot point, click and drag in the center of the scale gizmo, to scale all of those splines, and notice how we’re also scaling that on the flag itself. So there is a lot of connection between the spline object, and the vector art that we have within our shading network. Notice that the thickness of these lines did not increase, that would need to be set in the parameters. Very cool, I’ll undo that with Control + Z, and now we’ve got a regulation flag. I’ll exit out of the cell object mode, and that’s how to use the shape map to convert a shape or spline object into a map or texture.

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