3ds Max Modeling Managing operands with the Boolean Explorer

That’s an easy way to get to the parameters of the operands. If you wanna get to the parameters for the first operand, the one that you used when you first created the Boolean, then you can select that object and do it the old-school way, which is going to be through the Modify panel here. You can see that whatever object you have selected in the Boolean parameters will have its stack displayed. Then I can go into the Cylinder here. And I do get topology warning, but I’m not going to change anything here that would affect the Boolean results, so I can just say Yes. And in those Cylinder parameters, get in a bit closer here, we can see there’s some overlapping geometry there. Just going to increase the height a little bit. All right, so that’s how we harness the full power of the new Boolean, and also the Boolean Explorer.

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