3ds Max Modeling Modeling with the updated Bevel Profile

I experimented with that for a minute and decided on a Bevel Depth of two centimeters and an outline offset of .4. But you may need different values depending upon the shape of your curve. Let’s take a look at this now. I’ll press F4 to turn off my edged faces. And there, we’ve got our interesting Beveled Edge. You might run into a few issues here and there with complex geometry. And we can see here, we’re getting a little bit of a glitch there on the end. And that’s just sort of part and parcel of this process Certain shapes are not gonna lend themselves that well to the Bevel Process. In this situation, if I really needed to clean that up, I would have to resort to using the Editable Poly Tools to do that. Alright. That is a basic introduction to the new and improved Bevel Profile Modifier.

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