3ds Max New Features Saving a model with Game Exporter

Okay, our FBX came in okay. I’d like to point out one last thing though, which is that the material here, the bitmap, was re-pathed. So when we opened up this FBX inside of 3DX Max, it unpacked the textures from the FBX file and saved them out. Let’s just take a quick look at that I’ll minimize 3DX Max. Here are our exercise files, go into the export folder and here is the FBX file we saved out. When we loaded it back into 3DX Max, this subfolder got created and the bitmaps were placed into that folder. So that’s the new path to your bitmap inside your current project. If you don’t like that, you can move it into scene asset images and then you’d have to re-path it inside the material editor. Alright, so that’s how FBX export works through the game exporter dialogue. :

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