3ds Max New Features Sending to Print Studio

We get a couple of introductory tutorials here. We can skip that. There’s our 3ds Max model loaded in. We can zoom in with the mouse wheel, orbit with the right mouse button, and move the camera with the middle mouse button. Just hold it down. From here, we can go ahead and run through the steps of printing our object. Check it for errors. No problems. See if it needs any supports. We can add automatic supports before printing. It’s gonna calculate this shape and determine whether or not it needs supports. Looks like our model is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require supports. Then finally, we can we can lead through the process. See what these slices look like. Pretty cool. And I would just finally click to export. It’s gonna save that to a file. Click Save, and of course, save that file out somewhere. Just gonna put it in the Exercise Files in the export folder in my 3ds Max project. That’s how you integrate the Print Studio Application with 3ds Max

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