3ds Max New Features Visualizing CFD as a gradient

We’ve got our slice object ready. Select that plane and go into the Create menu. Under AEC Objects, down near the bottom we have Max Creation Graph tools, CFD Visualization and let’s go for MCG Visualize CFD Velocity. That’s the speed of the fluid. Click on that and then we need to select the data object with that Scene Explorer still open and go over here and click on CFDImportData001. Once that’s done calculating, now we’ve got a gradient indicating the velocity on this plane. We can actually move the plane. Just be aware that the performance is going to be poor. If we want better detail, we’ll go into the plane primitive and increase the number of segments. Set this to 50 and 50. Now we have a pretty good visualization of the air flow within this space and that’s how to apply a gradient to an object in order to visualize computational fluid dynamics.



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