3ds Max Rendering A360 cloud rendering

And then, most alarmingly gradient ramp, and noise are not supported. If I was working in production right now, I would stop what I was doing, go back to these objects and bake those textures into high resolution bit maps. But for the purposes of this demonstration, I’m going to ignore those error messages, close the dialogue, and then, since we set up all the parameters we want, we go ahead and click the render button. And it has to upload the file to the server, so that might take a little while. This file is something in the order of 20-30 mb so it will take a few minutes to upload. We do get those error messages once again. Once the upload is completed, we’re taken directly to that file, which is rendering in progress in the cloud. And here it is, there’s the name of the file, and there’s the image in progress. If we click on this little arrow, we get a pull down menu, which we can choose different options. Right now because the rendering is not finished, the only thing I can do is cancel. If we click on the thumbnail we see a larger image, and now we can see the actual render happening in real time. Our standard quality A360 cloud render has completed, and I notice right way that there is a discrepancy between the lighting here, and in my 3DS Max scene. 


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