3ds Max Rendering Daylighting with ART Sun Positioner

We want to make a couple of adjustments here. First of all, if this parameter is enabled, then we want it to be disabled. It says use physical camera controls if available. We want to do all of our exposure adjustments from this panel, rather than from the camera itself. Make sure that is off, and our exposure value down here will be 14. Scrolling down a little bit more, I’ll keep the default color temperature of 6500 Kelvin, but adjust the toning curve here. The highlights, I want that to be a bit lower, I don’t want to be blasting out the highlights. I set that to a value of 0.15 and the mid-tones I’ll bring down to a value of 0.55 and the shadows a value of zero to get a nearly linear response. Close the environment and effects dialouge, give focus to the physical camera panel, go into the render setup, and in the ART renderer tab, set the quality to 28 decibels and click the render button. Alright, that was very easy to setup and we’ve got pretty good results there even with no textures on our objects, and that’s the essentials of setting up the sun positioner, for the ART renderer.

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