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Architecture Worldwide: Architecture news, competitions and projects آموزش آنریل انجین Architectural Visualization with Unreal Engine برای این پروژه ، دانش کار با موتور Unreal مفید است اما ضروری نیست ، زیرا من از ابتدا شروع می کنم. علاوه بر این ، دانش کار با 3ds Max یا Maya برای تولید محتوا مفید است.

من تمام مطالب را در اختیار شما قرار می دهم. اما اگر می خواهید اضافه یا اصلاح کنید ، ممکن است به دانش یکی از این برنامه ها نیاز داشته باشید. در آخر ، ممکن است برای کار با بافت اضافی یا اصلاح بافت های موجود به Adobe Photoshop یا Illustrator نیاز داشته باشیم. به خاطر داشته باشید که این برنامه ها در ساختار پروژه کار می کنند ، بنابراین سازماندهی مهم است.
And that’s where I’ve put in the FBX exports of all the different building components. The native working Maya scenes are in this root scenes folder. In here, the exports are done largely by object, or groups of object, which go together. You’ll be bringing most of these in at once, but occasionally single objects. The textures you’re going to need are in the sourceimages folder of the Maya project. In here, we can see the TARGA images for different things, such as brick, carpet, ceiling tiles, reeded glass, and so forth. And again, you’ll be bringing these in all at once. The files are named for what they do. For example, CS is color and specular. N for normal. NR for normal and roughness, and so forth. Different materials need different properties to find,

so I’ve used the color and the alpha channel in as many ways as possible to optimize the number of images coming in. In each Unreal project, you’ll see the default Unreal project folders. Build, Config, Content, Intermediate, and Saved. As well as a uproject, named for that movie. In this case, 02_01. When you open the project in Unreal, browse to the correct folder and click on that uproject file, and click Open. If you’re a monthly member or annual member of, you don’t have access to the exercise files, but you can follow along from scratch with your own assets. Now let’s get started doing design visualization in the Unreal Engine.

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