Learn 3d Animation 3ds max Creating compound objects

In our chapter on modeling an animation our first topic will be the new Boolean tool. If you’re not familiar with Booleans, it’s a manner for combining 3D objects. You can, for example, use an object to cut a hole in another, or you can attach two objects together and remove the interior geometry and create a watertight, or seamless object. If you have used Booleans before you probably know that they’re a little bit tricky. If you have any issues with your topology it could result in the Boolean operation just failing. You need to make sure that you have enough level of detail on your objects to perform the operation. You still do need to prep your objects in this manner with the new Boolean. The algorithm under the hood has not really been improved, but the interface has been improved and we have new abilities that we couldn’t do with the old Booleans. To create a Boolean object select one of the objects in your scene, and that’s gonna be the first operand

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