Learn 3ds Max 2021 New Features


The new interface skin makes 3ds Max much more pleasant to work with, I think. As we’ve seen, there are numerous new features as well, most significantly, the keyframe tools and the ART renderer. Motion graphic designers will find the new text tools of special interest. There were a couple of features that we weren’t able to cover in this course for technical reasons. In the animation menu, you’ll find a couple of new entries, namely offset controllers and presets and these are designed to allow you to transfer controllers among objects. Unfortunately, I did encounter some problems at this time, so I decided not to cover those features. By the time you watch this video, those issues may have been resolved. My advice is to keep 3ds Max updated, install service packs when they’re released and hopefully, you’ll avoid encountering bugs and other issues. I hope this course has fulfilled your learning needs and thank you for watching

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