Learn Maya Mapping Vector textures with ShapeMap

All of the open curves have now turned into these black lines. And we can make that a little bit clearer by increasing the outline width here. I’ll set that to a value of three. So those are black lines, we want them to be the same color as this fill here, we also want them to have cleaner ends. If we get in very close here, it’s hard to tell in the Viewport, but if we do a quick rendering we’ll see that they kind of come to an abrupt end there. Get in very close, render that, so we’ve got Square Ends here, let’s set this to Rounded Ends, and then change up our colors, the fill color I’ll click on that, and change those values here, I’ll set the saturation to 225, and the value to 166, and notice now, the color of the swatch here does not match the color on the object and that’s because we have Gamma Correction turned on. What we really care about is the color of the object. Disregard this color, if that really bugs you, you can go into your Preferences and disable Gamma Correction in the Material Editor. But that’s fine, I’ll click okay, then drag the fill color swatch onto the line color, release the mouse, and the Copy or Swap Colors dialogue comes up, we want to Copy. And now, those are blue as well, and we’ll just change the background color here, we’ll set it to a bright yellow, say a hue of 36, a saturation of 225 once again, and click okay.



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