Learn Maya Rendering Switching renderers : scene converter

The scene converter is a simple tool to allow you to convert your existing Mental Ray or V-Ray scenes into an ART rendering. It converts all of the materials to physical and also does a few other things behind the scenes, such as change the exposure and the type of sun and sky. I’ve got a scene already prepared that’s set up for Mental Ray. Let’s open that from the file open menu. In our current Project Scenes folder 05_04_scene_converter.max. As I said, it’s all set up for Mental Ray. Let’s do a test rendering. In our Render Setup, I just wanna point out that we are doing a draft quality rendering with low final gathering settings. I have focus on the physical camera view port and click render to do a quick test render. So you can get an idea of what this would look like if you did a full production render. I’ll show you a cleaner rendering of this later. Here’s our draft quality Mental Ray rendering. I’m gonna make a clone of this so I can compare it later. I’m just gonna minimize it, and I just wanna check in on the materials. Up here on the main tool bar go to the Material Editor. These are all Arch & Design or Standard Materials. The ones that are shown here in the view are the ones that are instanced into the scene, and if we look actually in our Scene Materials, on the left here go to Scene Materials, and maybe expand that out so we can see more of it

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