Learn Revit 2021 Mapping Vector textures Shape Map

Even more interesting than the text map is the new shape map. It allows you place a shape, or a spline object into a shading network. And that way you can create resolution independent vector art directly in your shading network in your material, and also have the ability to edit that in real time using the spline tools. I’ve already got the elements I need here, I’ve got an object that I want to map, it will be a flag, and I’ve also got my editable spline, or shape object here, and this is the reverse of the Oregon State flag. The only flag in the Union that has a reverse that’s separate from the front, and we’ve got our Oregon State beaver here. So let’s now create the shape map, and apply it to the material. I’ve already got a material made, I’ll open up the material editor. Here’s the material that’s assigned to that object, and then in the map section on the left here scroll down and we’ve got Shape Map. Select that, and drag it over into the view, and then connect it to the diffuse color. And we won’t see anything special at first, just the 3ds Max logo, we’ll now need to assign our shape, or spline object, double-click the shape map in the material editor, and then scroll down on the parameters and you’ll see shape object is assigned to none. Click the none button, and then select the shape or spline object, and it’s been assigned. Cool, so we can zoom in here a bit, and take a look at what we’re seeing

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