Learn Sketchup pro Mapping Placing maps with Texture Object Mask

So I’ve got my scene already set up, and I’ve got a material assigned to landscape. Let’s open up the Material Editor. And here is the material itself. It is assigned, and also you can see by the red stripe here that “Show Shaded Material in Viewport” is enabled. So we’ll be able to see a preview. Additionally, I’ve got a couple of maps down here, I’ve got a noise map that’s feeding into a gradient, and we are using the source map, or a gradient type of map here, in order to accomplish that. We are basically remapping the colors. And that’s gonna be one of the layers. We’re gonna also create another layer. And that’s going to be a simple noise map. We’ll go and create that. In the Maps, choose Noise, and drag it over there. And we also of course need a Texture Object Mask map. And here it is, Texture Object Mask, drag that over. Assign it to the Diffuse Color of the material. And then double-click on that map, and we get its parameters. We need to choose the control object. Click on the button that says “None”, and now minimize the Material Editor and click on the plane primitive in the scene. And now it’s assigned. And you saw that the color changed subtly here. And if we select the object and use the Move tool to position it, we may or may not see a preview.



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