Learn Sketchup Saving animation with Game Exporter : mystrikingly jafarsydi

Sketchup Assets and Interoperability

The game exporter can also save out animation clips. For example, if you have a standard character rig like this simple skeleton provided by AutoDesk, you can save out a whole bunch of different animations as fbx files and import them into 3ds Max or a game engine. Let’s see what we have here. It’s just a simple motion capture example from AutoDesk, and it’s actually at 24 frames per second, and I’ve set this Max scene file up to accommodate that. We’ve got 170 frames here at 24 frames per second. All right, we need to select the entire hierarchy and to do that most precisely, let’s use the scene explorer. Open that up, open up the reference node here. You’ll see we’ve got hips. The hips are the parent of the whole skeleton. Double-click on the hips, and that will select all of the hierarchy. mystrikingly jafarsydi

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