May 2021 Materials and Mapping Placing maps with Texture Object Mask

If I rotate this, I will probably be able to see something. So it’s not terribly accurate. Don’t trust what you see in the preview here. Definitely do a production render to make sure. And wherever that plane slices through that object, we have a transition between right now just a black and white color. Cool. So I’ll restore the rotations to zero. And also set the position to a value of 0.4 meters in the Z axis. Back to the Slate Material Editor, we can make some of these other connections. We’ve got the noise, we’ll assign that to “Texture1”. And it takes a moment to update. We can see here now that the noise is appearing on the top half of this little material preview. And then drag the Gradient Ramp, or the Forest Noise, onto “Texture2”. Finally, let’s just adjust the values of this snow noise here, I’m gonna double-click that. I’ll call it “snow” up here. Set its size to 0.5, set the Low value to 0.5 as well, it’s going to increase the contrast, and swap the two colors here. Just click “Swap”. And now we should have a mostly white material preview there. We’ll do another rendering. Go back to our perspective view and click “Render”. And you can see here now we’ve got a transition between the snow material and the ground material, or the forest. Let’s render this camera view that I’ve prepared. Highlight that viewport and do a rendering. Here we can see that we are getting a very unrealistic effect, because we are just simply cutting off at a certain elevation. Back in our Slate Material Editor, we can change this up. Double-click on the Texture Object Mask map. And over here we have Transition Range. That’s the softness of the transition between the Above and Below. Set that to a value of 0.3. And then do another render. Now we’ve got a softer transition there. We can even make this more interesting by varying the shape here, so it won’t be a straight line. In the Slate Material Editor, in the Texture Object Mask map, there is a slot here for transition displacement.

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