Maya 2024 Assets and Interoperability

Let’s just hide to top parts of the object so we can see our CFD data. I’ll select these top objects and right-click and choose to hide them, hide selection. Alright let’s now import our CFD data. Go to the Create panel and from the categories, choose CFD, click CFD Import Data and click anywhere in the Viewport and then right-click to complete that. Currently I’m not seeing any data displayed. We can make sure that the object is there and selected using the scene explorer, open that up. CFD Import Data does exist and we selected it, go to the Modify panel and click the button labelled CSV_File and this is the actual simulation data. And we’re taken to that program files directory, be aware that we’re making a link to an external document therefore it’s a better idea to link to the version in my exercise files or current project. I’ve got that on the desktop 

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