Maya 2021 Saving a model with Game Exporter : mobypicture jafarsydi

I want to save into my current projects export folder and that just happens to be where I am now. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to know where I am currently. There is no actual display path on the screen here, but you can navigate up and down through the tree to figure out where you’re at. Select your export folder, go inside that and then click choose and then we need to give it a file name as well down here. Click in that file name field and we’ll call it 0208 game exporter. Then click the export button. Export was successful. You want to load it back in to check it Reset 3DX Max. And then go back into the application menu and choose import and we need to, of couse, navigate to the current project’s export folder if we are not already there. Select that file and click open and click OK in the PBX import dialogue. And the object is loaded, we’re not seeing the texture here, we’ll need to go into material editor for that I’ll use the keyboard shortcut “M”. Here is the material, I’ll drag over into the view, choose instance, double click it to load it here, and then up here at the tool bar, click show shaded material in viewport. And now we should see our texture and there it is. : mobypicture uder

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