Maya 2021 Saving animation with Game Exporter

maya Assets and Interoperability

just make sure you’re in there, export, and when you’re displaying the contents of the export folder, then click choose, and then we need to give it a file name as well. I’ll call it 02_09_walkSit and put an underscore at the end of that because 3ds Max is going to append the clip name at the end of my fbx file document name. Click export, export was successful. To test it, we want to load it onto a version of this rig that is in the bind pose. I’ve got that as a separate file. So go back up into the application menu and choose open. We don’t need to save our changes. And in our scenes folder, open up 02_09_02_noAnim.max. This one’s not animated. It’s just at the bind pose. We don’t need to have anything selected. Just go back into the application menu and choose import, and we wanna go once again to our export folder and choose 02_09_walkSit_walkSitClip.fbx.

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