Maya Animation Introducing keys-only too

I’ll hit Control + Z once again to undo that. The shifted function for space keys evenly will move the keys to different values to achieve even spacing between the first and last keys. Hold down Shift and click and now the change in values between adjacent keys is equal. We can make that a little bit easier to see by making them linear tangents and we get almost a straight line there, not quite, but if we wanted a perfectly straight line we could of course, once again, use space keys evenly without the Shift and now we have an almost straight line. It’s never gonna be perfect because we’re quantizing the frames here. Okay, I’ll undo all of that with Control + Z and back to our original curve, we’re moving on to relax and that, once again, only affects three or more contiguous selected keys. When you click on relax, it adjust the key values to move them towards a linear transition between the first and last selected keys. They’re trying to go into a straight line. And again, we’re only adjusting values here and not timing. I’ll undo that with Control + Z a bunch of times. Take us back to here in our history.

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