Maya Animation Skin Voxel and Heat Map solvers

I’m going to set it a value of 0.8. The Max Influence is a limit on the number of bones that are allowed to affect a certain vertex. If it’s set to 0, then the software decides. I’m going to explicitly say I only want 3 bones to affect a certain vertex. The Resolution is the overall quality. I’ll increase that up to 512. Use Winding Numbers will also increase the quality a little bit. Turn off Envelope Gizmos will just hide the envelope display in the viewport. Whether this switch is on or off, the envelopes will be disabled anyway, because the vertex weights are being baked in this process. When I click Apply, it’ll take a moment, we’ll see an update down here. And when that Apply button goes dark, then that means the operation has completed. And now I can close the dialogue. I’ll go back to testing. I’ll select this joint or bone here. Hit E to rotate, and then see what happens. So we still have a little bit of residual influence here, but it is better than what we had with the default envelope method of skin weighting. I’ll undo that. We of course still have the ability to paint the skin weights in the usual fashion. We’re not going to cover all that in this brief movie. Finally, we have another method for establishing the initial weights.


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