Maya Animation Using Buffer Curves

So, we have what we had originally. Our source curve is now on the buffer, and our edited version is now active. If we exit the tool at this point, then we will bake these changes. If I click down here, use buffer curves, and exit out of that tool, now I’ve commited to those changes. If we reenable use buffer curves, that doesn’t restore what we had. Basically we’re starting fresh now. We’ve got a new buffer curve that’s coincident with the active curve now. We do want to undo those changes, and we’ll get best results if we exit out of the use buffer curves tool, and use control Z to undo, and now we’re back where we started. Moving on, we’ll enable use buffer curves again, make our selection again, and then we’ve got snapshot. How does snapshot work? It commits the change by making the buffer curve assume the state of the edited or active curve. Once again, I’ll make the edit. Hold down control and drag. When we click snapshot, we commit the changes, and the buffer curve now assumes the shape of the active curve. We can undo that once again, and it’s best to exit out of the buffer curves feature first. Control Z to undo

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