Maya Materials and Mapping UVs Unwrap UVW brushes

I’ll undo that with Ctrl + Z. If I just wanna make some adjustments to the UVs here without creating too much distortion, then I might want to have a Strength of near zero. Hold down Shift and drag and make that a very small circle. And that way we’re gonna have a very soft influence over our resulting UVs. I’ll undo that. And then we can also change the Falloff Type. The default is Linear. I think the best one actually is Smooth. And with a very low Strength and using the Smooth Falloff Type, I’m getting a pretty good result here. I’m not seeing weird stretching as I move things around. All right, undo that. So, this is for touch-up work, obviously. And it uses a form of soft selection allowing you to interactively adjust the UV placement in a sort of organic way. The other tool we have is Relax. And it’s really the same tool that you would find in the menus here under Tools, Relax. The Relax Tool will operate on the entire object or on selected UVs. The brush implementation, of course, is interactive. So let’s try that. We’ve got a couple different options. The default one, Relax By Polygon Angles, I think, is actually the best option. So we’ll use that. I’ll navigate in the view here and go to an area that’s got a bit more variation. Here in the middle, around 0.5. And click and hold down the mouse. And as long as you hold down that mouse, you’re relaxing the mesh. Eventually it will converge, and you will hold down the mouse and things will stop moving. You’ve reached sort of an optimal state for the Relax. And what Relax is trying to do is to equalize the UV space to match the polygon size. Cool, so that’s the Interactive Relax. I can undo that with Ctrl + Z. And, of course, adjust my Strength and Falloff values. Maybe make it a much larger circle. Hold down Ctrl, bring that out.

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