Maya Modeling Creating type with TextPlus

If we click that button and the display showed only small dots in the center of each character, then that would mean that none of the characters were selected. The display I’m seeing now with a large orange rectangle around all of the type indicates that all of the characters are selected. We have limited capabilities in this mode. We can change the kerning per character. For example, I could get close in on that E and then click to change the spacing between it and the character before it. We can, for example, change the baseline and it will affect all characters because they’re all selected. We could change the scaling, and again, that will affect all characters, but to get the full power of this we’ll want to select per character. Let me undo that with Control + Z. To select a single character, hold down the Shift key and click on that character, and now we have the ability to scale just that character. We’ve got a corner here to scale uniformly and notice how the rest of the type is maintaining the spacing based upon the bounding box. Bring that down. Maybe look at this in the front viewport, Alt + W. Go over there and scale this up to a certain size. Maybe go to the next door neighbor, the E, and kern that a little bit tighter now. Use the middle mouse button

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