Maya Modeling Managing operands with the Boolean Explorer

I’ll open up the Scene Explorer. And I can simply drag and drop. Select all these teeth with the shift key, and drag over on top of one of the other operands. Release the mouse, and then all of those objects have been added. And they’re given the default operation of Union. Okay, I’m gonna close the Boolean Explorer, and actually go back to the Scene Explorer, because within here, I can actually select any of those operands. They’re still visible in the Scene Explorer, they’re hidden in this scene. That’s different from prior versions of 3DS Max in which, when you added an object as an operand, it disappeared from the scene. Here we can actually display it and manipulate it. For example, I might wanna select one of these, and then go over to its modify panel and go into its stack. For example, go down to the Cylinder level of the stack here, and change, for example, the radius. And because those are all instances, we’re seeing them all change.

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