Maya Modeling Modeling with the updated Bevel Profile

For example, let’s say we chose a three step. We can see the correspondence here between the shape of the curve and the resulting bevel or extrusion. For some of these presets, the curve needs to extend beyond this zero to one box here. If I choose, for example, Half Circle, we’ll see that our curve actually goes all the way up to here. And that allows then the shape to extend beyond the front of the original object. You can select these points and move them around and see the result there but only if we click OK or if we have Auto Update turned on. Let’s turn that on. And now, when we move this around, we can see that change. Create our own custom molding shape there or whatever. The only rule with this is that this point on the lower left can’t be moved. And this point on the upper right cannot be moved either. We can change the shape of the curve near those points, but we can’t move the points themselves. There are a bunch of tools up here, for example, in order to convert points between different types. If you want to add a new point, just click in an empty spot. And then, if you click on it again, you can move it. You can convert that to a different, for example, smooth point and create an interesting frame. Alright. Cool. So, that is the Bevel Profile Editor. Back to our object. Be careful about the size of the Bevel Depth versus this outline. I kinda want a greater depth. You might need to pull that outline in. But then, we might have an issue with our geometry breaking. So, you do need to kind of feel your way through this in order to get the best result.

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