Maya Rendering Adjust ART Physical Sun and Sky

To compensate for that, we can reduce the global intensity. Over here, we’ll set that to a value of 0.1. And it still looks a bit overexposed in this material preview. However, we are not actually rendering the sky as a background in this case. We don’t really care what the sky looks like, all we care about is how it looks on these surfaces here. With those values entered, I’ll do a test rendering. Go into the Render Setup dialog. ART is our current renderer, and I’ve got a target quality of, once again, 28 decibels. Click “Render”. Here is the end result with a sky intensity of 30 and a global intensity of 0.1. There is almost no direct sunlight in this version of the render. The light is coming from everywhere in the sky. And so we have almost no shadows whatsoever.

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