Maya Rendering Daylighting with ART Sun Positioner

Our sun positioner is active and we’re seeing lighting in the scene. Let’s select that sun positioner, and to do that, you need to click on the compass rose, it’s easiest to do that in the top viewport. Go over to the modify panel now, We can adjust the sun positioner parameters, I’m going to use manual as my mode of placement. Down here under sun position, set it to manual, and now we can enter in degree values for the azimuth and the altitude. Scroll down a bit, Horizontal coordinates, azimuth and altitude. You can’t actually click and drag on these spinners, but you can click and hold, and that will move it in one degree increments, you can see how my sun is rotating here when I adjust the azimuth. I’ll set that to a value of 300 degrees, and we have the altitude, which is the height in the sky. Again, we can click and hold the mouse to adjust in one degree increments. I know I want a value here of 40 degrees, so I’ll type that in altitude of 40 degrees. Because I have a physical camera in my scene, I want to use physical exposure. When I created the sun positioner, that got enabled, just silently behind the scenes. Let’s go check it out in the rendering menu. Exposure control, exposure control is currently set to physical camera

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