Maya Rendering Introducing the ART renderer

I would also like to point out that if we wished, we could limit the number of iterations, or we could limit the amount of time, so that if we have not reached 28 decibels within five minutes, then the render will stop automatically. Okay, so a full production quality render is going to be probably in the realm of 32 decibels, and even that’s going to be pretty painful in terms of render times. So, be prepared for an overnight render for still images. It’s not really fast enough for doing animation at this point. You can also bump up the quality a little bit by enabling Noise Filtering here, and the default strength of 50% is a good balance, because if you have it up too high, it might cause some banding, and you’ll lose some detail. So, I’m gonna kick this off once again, and it’s going to take quite a long time to render this, but we’ll take a look at it once it’s finished. Now that rendering is completed, we can take a look at it. It has a target quality of 32 decibels. We’ve also enabled Noise Filtering with a 50% strength. That’s the basics of setting up the ART Renderer. As we’ve seen, there aren’t very many options to worry about.

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