Modeling and Animation 3ds max Creating compound objects

It’s actually a very cool function. Again, what insert does is it keeps the current operand, but subtracts from the other operands. So we can make parts that fit into each other. Alright, cool, so I’m gonna delete that duplicate now that I’ve shown you what insert does. Back on our Boolean object, just a couple other things. What is imprint? It simply slices new edges where the current operand intersects and it deletes the faces of the current operand. And it’s really only relevant for certain types of operations. If we have union or subtract or intersect or merge selected and we choose imprint it’s gonna do the same thing in all those cases. It’s just drawing new edges here where the two surfaces met. Imprint has no effect on the attach type. If you use insert and imprint together then it’s going to slice new edges, but it does not delete the current operand’s faces. It’s a little bit hard to illustrate here

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