Modeling and Animation Maya 20241 Creating compound objects

Then we have the attach operation. And that’s the same as the attach command in editable poly. It simply combines the parts and doesn’t change any of their topology, so no new edges are created anywhere. Insert is a little bit special. And what it does is it cuts holes, but it also leaves the current operand visible, it doesn’t delete the faces. So what it’s doing in this case is it’s subtracting from the main cylinder or disc here, but not erasing these other pieces. And we really can’t see that well right now, what’s going on. Let me make a duplicate of that object, so we can analyze it. I’ll grab the move tool, and then hold down the Shift key to make a duplicate, and it’s gonna be a copy, and then convert it to editable poly. Right-click, and convert to, convert to editable poly. Once that’s done we can actually select by element. And this will hopefully illustrate what the insert function does.

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