Revit 2024 Assets and Interoperability

Scene Assets, CFD, office.csv, open that up. Even after linking to that external file I still can’t see anything but I can create an object which will draw arrows to indicate the flow of the fluid. Go back to the Create panel and from the categories choose Max Creation Graph. And Max Creation Graph is a visual programming environment for 3ds Max and using MCG the Autodesk developers have created some objects for us including the CFD Velocity Field. Click on that and then click anywhere in the Viewport to create it then just go directly to the Modify panel and with the Scene Explorer still open, click on CFD Import Object and go over to the Scene Explorer and click on CFD Import Data. That’s our data object. It may take a moment to update. Once it has, we want to place that at the origin, grab the Move tool, type in zeros in x, y and z and now we’ve got a visualization of our air flow in the office. Let me maximize that, Alt + W. Alright that’s pretty cool, we can see where the air is coming in and where it’s going out, and how it’s flowing through the space. That’s how we can import CFD data and create a velocity field to visualize the flow

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