Revit Animation Introducing keys-only too

I’ll undo that with a bunch of Control + Z commands and restore my curve. The shifted function of ease will move the selected keys closer to the value of the previous key instead of the following key. Hold down Shift and click on ease and what we get is a similar situation, but we’re basing that upon the keyframes that came before rather than the ones that came after. Control + Z to undo that once again. Then come to split selected keyframe or keyframes and then click on split and you’ll get two keyframes there instead of one. The original is deleted and the two new keyframes are placed one frame before and one frame after the original deleted key and that results in a flat curve that’s two frames in duration right there. Undo that with Control + Z. Then we come to space keys evenly. Let’s make a larger selection here. I’ll dolly back with the wheel and select more keys and space keys evenly will move the keys earlier or later in time to achieve an even timing between the first and the last selected keys. Here it is, space keys evenly and you’ll see it’s shifted them all and now the timing between each keyframe is equal. We space them evenly between this key and this one. You notice that changing the timing has distorted the shape of the curve

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