Revit Animation Navigating the updated Curve Editor

But it is zooming vertically in values. All right, that’s auto-zoom, I can choose to turn that off if I wish. Let’s talk about the new and improved tool bars up here. On the left, we have the new keys toolbar and it replaces two old tool bars from a previous version of the software. Keys and key controls have now been absorbed into this new keys tool bar. And you can see that it’s got lots of the same buttons that you may be used to. There’s a new one here that’s kind of useful, snap scale. It works in conjunction with scale values. Let’s say I wanna change the height of the bounce of this sphere. Player animation. So I can change the height of that bounce really easily. I can enable scale values and then select the key that I want to be the center of this scale operation. In this case, the one at the bottom and then click the magnet icon, snap scale and it automatically snaps the scale origin to that particular value. Then I can select all the keys and with the scale values tool still enabled I can click and drag and I can change the height of that bounce. All right, cool, I’ll undo that with Ctrl-Z. That’s a new tool that we have on the new keys tool bar here. What else have we got? Well, we’ve got the key selection tools. That’s all new, we can select the next key in the sequence if we wish. If we hold down the Shift key and click, we can go backwards. We can also grow the selection or shrink the selection, once again with the Shift key. So that’s the select tools tool bar. Then we have tangents. So this is a new one, tangent tools.

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