Revit Animation Skin Voxel and Heat Map solvers

To do that, I’ll need to use the Scene Explorer. Go ahead and click on Scene Explorer, open that up, select the body mesh. Back in the Modify panel, we can enable Edit Envelopes at the top here. And to make it easier to see what we’re selecting, let’s jump into wireframe with F3. Drag a rectangle around that joint to select it, and we’re able to see the skin weighting on the vertices. Let’s get in very close there with the wheel. And we can now see the envelope. And this is the old school way of editing the influences, you can click on the radius here with that hud-dur envelope. It’s highlighted in magenta. And then I can drag, in this case, in the x direction to change the influence of that particular bone. That’s the old method. Now the new method is going to be found lower in the panel here. Let’s turn off Edit Envelopes, scroll down a bit, and under Weight Properties, we now have a section labeled Weight Solver. These new weighting tools will operate on selected vertices or on entire objects. In this case, I don’t have any vertices selected, so this is going to apply to all of the vertices on the object. The new weight solvers are also destructive. Once you execute the command, the vertex weighting is baked, and the envelopes no longer have any influence. Let’s look at the voxel method first. Click on the browse button to open up the dialogue, and we have some options here. Falloff is the sharpness or smoothness of transition where two bones overlap an influence. And if you want a sharper effect increase this value. It ranges between 0 and 1.

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