Revit Materials and Mapping Editing UVs with Unwrap UVW brushes

The Unwrap UVW Modifier has some new brush based tools that will allow you to edit the UVs in a very intuitive fashion. In order for us to see what we’re doing most effectively in the Viewport here, I’m going to increase the resolution of the Viewport textures. In the Viewport menus, go to the plus sign, click on that and choose Configure Viewports. In the Display Performance tab, increase the Texture Map’s Resolution to 1024. And click OK. Now we’ve got a bit sharper resolution here. I’ll select the landscape object. Go into the Modify Panel and add a Modifier. Scroll down to the bottom. And it’s Unwrap UVW. Once that’s been added, scroll down to the Edit UVs roll-out. And open the UV Editor. Let’s display our texture in the UV Editor itself. From the pull-down in the upper right choose map number zero, UV.jpeg. That’s the texture file that’s assigned to this material. And let’s zoom in both the Edit UVWs dialogue and the Perspective View to the lower left corner here using the keyboard and mouse controls, the wheel and the middle mouse button. Likewise here, middle mouse to drag and then the wheel to zoom in. And we’ve got a Brush roll-out now. And there are two tools. We have Paint Movement and Relax.

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