Revit Modeling Creating compound objects with new Booleans

To make it clear how intersect works I’m gonna set three of these to a union and just this one to intersect, so we can see what it’s doing. It’s finding the overlapping volume between itself and everything else. But if we have all of these set to intersect then if they don’t overlap or touch one another then we won’t see any result on the screen. Just to illustrate, I can make another one of these cylinders an intersection and then move it, and there are a couple different ways to move it around. Really the easiest way is to double-click here. What that does is puts you into a sub-object mode here, and it also selects that sub-object. And since I’ve got the move tool selected my move gizmo is positioned there. Here in the display section I can turn on display operands or display selected operands. This is gonna be the easiest way for me to illustrate my point here.

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