Revit Modeling Managing operands with the Boolean Explorer

The Boolean Explorer is a version of the Scene Explorer that’s specifically tailored to manage Boolean operands. You’ll find it if you select a Boolean object and go into its Modify panel at the bottom of the Boolean Parameters roll-out. You’ll see a button labeled Open Boolean Explorer. And from within here you can select an operand and, for example, change its type. Maybe we’ll choose this sub-Boolean and set that to Intersection, set it back to Subtraction. We can also disable and solo things here. For example, we could select one of these cylinders here, and disable it. You can see it’s turned off here. We could actually do the same thing from the Modify panel. We could select something, and then right click on it and disable it, or solo it, which would isolate it. All right, turn Solo back off again with the right click button. The Boolean Explorer gives you all of those options just displayed all at once on the screen. Let’s now use the Boolean Explorer in conjunction with the Scene Explorer to add the rest of the teeth here

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