Revit Modeling Navigating updated Track Views

The animation Curve Editor and Dope Sheet are collectively referred to as the Track Views. They’ve both been updated. Let’s take a look at the Dope Sheet first. Got a very simple animation here of these objects just taking one bounce. Let’s open up the Graph Editor Track View – Dope Sheet. And all of the buttons of course have been refreshed, we have new artwork here, but these toolbars have not been touched at the top. Down at the bottom, however, we’ve got a few changes. First we have better access to the display filters down here. And the only display filter that’s on by default is Selected Objects. If you want to see a track displayed in the Dope Sheet, you need to select the object in the view. I’m going to turn that off, and instead enable Filter Animated Tracks. It’s going to make it a little bit easier for us to navigate. One of the new buttons on the toolbar here is Keyable Tracks Toggle. That will allow you to selectively hide certain tracks. And it works in conjunction with the button up here, Show Keyable Icons. When you enable that, then you can see a little key icon next to each one of the true tracks here, and if we want to hide something, we can just put a little slash through there by clicking on it, and then when we enable the filter down here, that track will not be displayed. Okay, put it back the way I found it. We’ve also got Visible Objects Toggle. That’s pretty useful I think. If we hide an object, we can hide its track in the Dope Sheet. I’ve got my cube here

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