Revit Modeling Navigating updated Track Views

I can select it and then right-click in the view and choose to hide the selection. And now it’s hidden, and when we enable the appropriate filter here, it’s also hidden from the Dope Sheet. Let’s unhide that box and then we’ll see its track appear again. Right-click in the view and choose Unhide All, and now our box has returned, and its track has returned. So that’s all it is, Visible Objects Toggle. If an object is hidden, you won’t be able to see its track in the Dope Sheet. Down here, we’ve got a few navigation controls. Namely, we have the ability to frame the horizontal extents for the selected keys. We can just drag anywhere to make a selection of keyframes here, and then enable this switch, Frame Horizontal Extents Selected Keys, and the view expands out to enclose just the selected keys, but only in the horizontal dimension

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