Revit Rendering Adjust ART Physical Sun and Sky

The sun positioner gives us a pretty good approximation of daylight on a sunny day. If you want to achieve different weather effects, such as a cloudy day or a super-hot sunny day, you can do that through the environment, which is the physical sky environment. It got added when we created our sun positioner. Go to the Rendering menu, and choose Environment. And at the top of that panel, we have Physical Sun and Sky Environment. In order to edit that, we need to load it into the Material Editor. Open that up, and then drag the Environment Map into the Material Editor view, and choose Instance. Get in close on that, double-click the swatch to make it larger, and double-click the name to load it into the Parameter Editor. Here we have the default parameters for the physical sun and sky. The only ones we are really concerned with in this case are the global intensity and the sky intensity. If we want to achieve a cloudy day, we want the sky to be much brighter relative to the direct light coming from the sun. That means the sky intensity would need to be increased. I can set that to a high value, like 30. And now our sky is really overexposed, as we can see in the preview here.

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