Revit Rendering Switching renderers with a scene converter

It might take a moment for it to render all of the previews, but there you have it. Materials have all been converted. Additionally, the exposure has been converted. We can check in on that, Rendering Exposure Control. The MR Physical sun and sky has been replaced by the ART Physical sun and sky. We’re now using Physical Camera Exposure Control, whereas a minute ago we were using MR Photographic Exposure Control, and for me today I’m seeing that the exposure value did not transfer over, unfortunately. It’s supposed to be a value of 14, so I will enter that in now. The tone curve pretty much came out the way I wanted it. This, actually, I think should be a value of about .55 for the mid tones, and that’s gonna very closely approximate a linear response curve. Also, we do wanna make sure that this switch is turned off if it turns itself on. It works in conjunction with the Physical Camera, and if that camera has a linkage to this Exposure Control node, then that will override whatever we put in down here.

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