Revit Saving a model with Game Exporter : mobypicture jafarsydi

In the exporter dialogue, we have two tabs. You can save out the model or you can save out the animation applied onto the model. We’re gonna save the model in this movie. You have some controls here for managing presets, there is already a preset in here called Model Default. If you change some settings down here you wanna save that, then that’s what these presets are for up here. We don’t really need to do anything with the default settings, in fact, they are set up for us already. I just want to point out that we have switch here labeled Embed Media. What that does is encapsulate the textured data inside the FBX file. We also have the ability to go into the advanced settings for FBX if we want to by clicking on this gear icon and then enable Edit Model Advanced Settings and we can drill down in here and change all of the settings, if we need to. I don’t need to in this case so I’m going to disable that. Close the dialogue. We do need to set an export directory. Click on the browse button and now you need to navigate to where you want to save to. : mobypicture jafarsydi

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