Sketchup Animation Introducing keys-only too

We’ll undo that with Control + Z. The shifted function of that icon is weld. If you hold down Shift and click, you’ll merge all of the selected keys to a single key at the average value and average time. I’ll use Control + Z to undo that. Next we come to flatten and it again only affects multiple contiguous selected keys. We could select several keys in a row and when we click on flatten all of the selected keys get moved to the value of the left-most key or the selected key that occurs earliest in the timeline and it’s kind of like a destructive version of stepped tangents or also known as a hold key. Alright, undo that again with Control + Z. The shifted function for flatten is to flatten to the last selected key and since I dragged my selection rectangle from left to right, the last key that I selected is the one on the right. Hold down Shift and click flatten and all of those keys move to the last selected key. Undo again with Control + Z. Moving on, we have ease to next key and it simply moves the selected keys closer to the value of the following key. Click that a few times and you’ll notice that they start to move towards one another.

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